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Situated in the heart of the Caribbean archipelago, Martinique is easy to access, as it is particularly well served by airlines. Upon arrival you will note that with its area of 1,100 km2, Martinique boasts everything that larger islands would have to offer, with an exceptional diversity of landscapes and activities. 


Visitors are quickly seduced by the white sandy beaches, captivated by the deep tropical forest, and often fascinated to see the many facets of a history of the indigenous Caribbean peoples, Christopher Columbus' discovery of the island, slavery, and its later abolition by Victor Schoelcher. They are captured by the thrills of the latest extreme sports popular in Martinique, such as kite surfing, fly boarding, jet skiing, and love the authentic Creole cuisine...

Perhaps you are thinking of extending your stay, or possibly even moving to Martinique? You won't need to look far to be persuaded. The island offers a proactive housing policy promoted by the local government, excellent infrastructure, hospitals and schools, and an exceptional network of roads… 

And, while it hardly needs to be pointed out, Martinique enjoys beautiful weather year-round. Plus, there are no vaccination requirements and the water is of drinking quality everywhere on the island. Transactions are in euro and communication is in French (the official language of the island), making it easy to connect and converse with other residents, which is probably the greatest thing that Martinique has to offer: the hospitality and generosity of its people, who raise their warm reception and congeniality to the level of an art!