« The relationship in Glissant, as antidote to Obscurantism»
It is through a walk in the writing of Glissant that the artist Isabel Tronçon imagines a movement of colors, a confusion of colors, an harmony of colors, a generosity of colors to permeate a deep reflection that combines the poetic, the cultural, the political and philosophical, that Glissant calls “la Relation”.
After developing the concept of the All-World, a world we are sharing, a world where differences are accepted, sliding comforting the idea that every identity extends in a relationship to another, he calls it “la Relation” when Deleuze and Guattari speak about “Alliance”. It’s about exchange, crossing, hybridization, each bringing a differential into the meeting, woven networks that consolidate new alliances.
Isabel Tronçon takes hold of this thought that connects identities like the root, the rhizome that has neither beginning nor end, but a medium through which it grows and overflows without annihilating its surroundings.
Isabel Tronçon operates a kind of color crossing in a vitality of the line, a pleasure of the gesture, a simple pleasure, a freedom movement, an improvisation that respects no code, in short a delicate aesthetic, what Malraux calls "the art of the imperfect".
All this gives a creation that is nevertheless inspired by nature, the tree, the rustling of the leaves, the sea, the sound of the sea, the intrepid and jubilant wind, a lick of sun that caresses the spine of the day.
Isabel Tronçon will settle from February 7 to 28 in the silence of the books of the Schoelcher Library, a mythical place of creation.
Guy Mamès