A grand tradition...
Since its beginning in 1931, the NEISSON distillery has been able to preserve, in the purest Martinique tradition, the components of a rum with unmatched aroma and taste. Packaged in a generously but reasonably proportioned bottle, ñZ_pol Kar_î as enthusiasts call it, our rums are the fruit of a know-how that has gone through constant renewal from the cane fields to the aging casks.
The Neisson distillery remains an undeniable reference in terms of quality, authenticity, and has a unique place in the heart of its dedicated consumers: an Antan Lontan rum.

Opening date :
DateFrom 01 Jan 2014 DateTo 31 Dec 2014
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From 08h00 and To 16h00
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From 08h00 and To 16h00
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From 08h00 To 11h30

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