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The Perfect Destination for Nature Lovers

Two-thirds of Martinique is protected parkland, and the entire island offers visitors great opportunities to hike, ride, or paddle through an amazing variety of natural landscapes.

Martinique’s well-maintained network of hiking trails extends eighty miles, taking you through beaches, bays, and mountain rainforests. You can also horseback ride, mountain bike, or go on a kayaking or canoeing excursion to a mangrove swamp or an off-shore islet. Another popular activity is canyoning, which involves climbing to the top of a waterfall, looking down into the mists of the tumbling waters—and jumping.

The Caribs called Martinique the Isle of Flowers—and no wonder! The island’s warm, humid climate is ideal for blazing-red bougainvilleas, white frangipani, and about a hundred species of orchids.

Rainforest trees also abound. Mahogany, magnolias, and bamboo all stand proud at about sixty-five feet. Yet they’re dwarfed by yellow mangroves, chestnuts, and white palm trees, sea grapes, and manchineel trees, while the coastal swamps are the domain of the mangroves trees, whose exposed roots soar like flying buttresses above the water.

Caribbean World magazine named Martinique the "Best Eco Island in the Caribbean"