Clio Art Fair in New York

  • Jeudi 8 Mars: VIP Opening Reception de 6pm a 9pm
  • Vendredi 9 Mars: Art Lovers Networking Breakfast de 10am a 12pm Public Viewing de 12pm a 8pm
  • Samedi 10 Mars: Art Lovers Networking Breakfast de 10am a 12pm Public Viewing de 12pm a 8pm
  • Dimanche 11 Mars: Public Viewing de 12pm a 6pm

For more information visit www.clioartfair.com

Carole Aurore, Véronique Bourdon and PriscArt, talented artists from Martinqiue will participate to Clio Art Fair, from March 8 to 11, 2018, in New York.

CLIO ART FAIR is a curated fair created with the idea of discovering independent artists and showcasing the careers and achievements of already affirmed creative minds.


Carole Aurore

Carole Aurore

Born in Fort de France, Martinique , 1975.Lives and works in Le Lamentin , Martinique. She signed her first collection of hand-painted tee-shirts in 2003 under the name «Céloa». Its goal is to make Art more accessible and «portable», Art-to-wear or Art wear. She works for many organizations, communities, businesses and individuals, traveling in the Caribbean for shows and fashion shows. Later, the taste for painting more assertive, she experimented the work on various media: murals, jewelry, decorative objects, and paintings. Her work is instinctive and the individual fascinates her. Feelings, feelings about people and situations are reflected on the canvas by flat-color uniforms, to create an abstract coherence, dynamic, that everyone can interpret in his own way, even if the orientation of the artist is clear and the work named.

+596 696 95 99 14 | caroleauroreartiste@gmail.com | www.caroleaurore.com


Véronique Bourdon

Véronique Bourdon

Painter, graphic artist of Martiniquan heritage, born in Schoelcher. Véronique Bourdon composes contemporary abstract paintingsin acrylic, in relief. An admirer of works by the Masters of abstract painting, MALEVITCH, KANDINSKY..., and very attracted by Outsider Art (or Folk Art), and Mixed Media, this choice of abstract art was self-evident. For the artist, abstraction involves geometry and volume. She creates rhythms and movements, always in search of contrasts, juxtaposition of colors and geometric shapes, thus reinforcing the musicality of happy hues and harmonies, like a Partition where the figures look for each other and answer each other gently. Véronique Bourdon invites you to discover here her approach or her paintings, which have no titles, allowing you to choose your own interpretations... An invitation for the spectator to plunge into her universe.

+596 696 25 18 96 | bourdon.vr@wanadoo.fr | veronique-bourdon.fr


Prisca Toulon

Prisca Toulon

Prisca Toulon Marie-Claire is a painter and trainer born in Martinique. She was trained for 6 years by the SERMAC (municipal service of cultural action of Fort-de-France) and by the IRAVM (Regional institute of visual Art of Martinique). She took the plunge in 2009 with her first exhibitions at home and in public places starting in 2012, or private ones in the continent. Her painting is the reflection of her perception of reality, especially the relationship to one another. It is intimately linked to the influences of her cultural mixed-race background with its Caribbean, African and European connotations. Her work is a mix between the abstract and the figurative, the emotion of the moment, her chromatic harmonies interwoven with contrasts of form and structure that are printed on her paintings. Her creative process is part of an intuitive and spontaneous approach, in gestures and textures thanks to the medium with which she feels most at ease: Acrylic.

+596 696 26 32 93 | priscartmc@gmail.com | www.priscart.com