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To the north-east of the island, the municipality of Saint-Joseph has the broadest forested zone in Martinique.


With no less than 1,500 hectares of humid tropical forest managed and protected by the national forestry council, this region literally gives the island its breath. 

Numerous waterways cross the region, such as the Lézarde or the impressive Rivière-Blanche, which originates from the sides  of the  Carbet mountains and whose wandering path will lead you to the heart of Cœur-Bouliki, the largest forested section of Martinique.

Wooden tables stationed in the shade of the foliage high overhead create a picnic site highly cherished by families in Martinique. The vegetation here is truly exceptional. The forests surrounding Cœur-Bouliki constitute a remarkable ecosystem. 

In the summer months, at the hottest point of the year, you can enjoy the coolness of the undergrowth and swim in the natural pools or play in the light rapids between the boulders.