5 diving spots to discover in Martinique

How can you resist the call of the Caribbean sea, its heat, its richness?

In Martinique clear water that’s between 27° and 30°C year-round awaits you and diving sites the world appreciates for their great diversity… so pack your flippers, snorkeling mask and snorkel or see a underwater diving professional and follow our advice for enjoying the sea and all the things it has to show you!


Martinique plongée Rocher du Diamant

At the heart of the Caribbean sea, a few kilometers from the coasts of Diamant, the pinnacle of the pearl of the South tops out at around 175 m. Hundreds of sea birds find refuge on steep slopes of the exterior, whereas thousands of colorful fish contribute to the exceptional underwater life of a site considered to be one of the island’s best!

It’s a favorite site of diving enthusiasts, an emblematic spot that will transport you to a wonderful world on fascinating and unforgettable dives between arches, underwater faults and watching coral with sea turtles.

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Martinique Plongée Rocher du Diamant

Saint-Pierre Bay is full of unimaginable treasures. Enjoy wonderful visibility even at great depths. It has a dozen wrecks that all levels of divers love diving on!

Our musts:

  • Manman dlo and Yemaya: Two permanent artistic sculptures immerged in the heart of Saint-Pierre Bay.
  • The Roraima, Nahoon or Tayama wrecks are among the most impressive and most beautiful dives in Martinique

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Martinique snorkeling Anse couleuvre

The stunning Anse Céron and Anse Couleuvre are striking beaches away from the crowds in the north-west, in one of the most untouched regions of the island, surrounded by striking vegetation and edged with black volcanic sand! It’s the same underwater. The sea beds are beautiful and our little tropical fish live a dream life there.

Further out to sea, a few hundred meters from the coasts (800m), a small uninhabited volcanic dome rises from the sea. It’s part of the Prêcheur marine reserve, and it’s called the La Perle islet. It’s pretty likely you'll meet sea turtles underwater, as well as impressive shoals of fish. A treat for the eyes!

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Martinique snorkeling Anse d'Arlet.

A small, colorful fishing village, and a charming church facing the azure blue of the Caribbean sea: Welcome to the large village of Anses d’Arlet where we should say "Welcome to your postcard!" Everything is idyllic here. The weather is great, the setting is wonderful and the water temperature is at 27°C—not bad for November right?

Anyone can get there, and you’ll find an amazing underwater life and the rock will remain an excellent memory in terms of snorkeling for the whole family!

To get there, spot the little rock that rises from the sea to the right of the pontoon facing the sea.

Unforgettable nautical experience!


Anse Dufour et Anse Noire Martinique

Young and old can enjoy an underwater hike at the Anses d'Arlet, in the calm, clear waters of the two charming Anse Dufour and Anse Noire. One has golden sand, the other black sand, and both offer a privileged place to meet our green sea turtles.

Bonus: Further to the south, in the town of Marin, don't miss Pointe Borgnese! It’s a little corner of paradise that’s a must if you love diving and snorkeling. This natural marine reserve with shallow turquoise waters means you can explore its sea beds and wonders with no fuss.