5 experiences to share with friends in Martinique

If you’re preparing for a stay in Martinique, here’s our exclusive selection of things to do with friends in Martinique.


Can you feel this atmosphere? The light breeze that caresses your face, the pure air that fills your lungs…

Open your eyes and enjoy your victory, you have the Diamant Bay and its rock at your feet. You’ve taken up the challenge of Morne Larcher like champions!

This hike at Diamant is one of the island’s most beautiful. It’s short but intense, and we recommend setting out early so you can enjoy the sunrise at the top. It takes around 3 hours there and back.

See where the hike starts on Google Maps



Put on your best pair of sunglasses and climb onboard your BBQ Donuts boat and make the most of the best of Caribbean Vibes with friends:

What more could you ask for than grilling some food surrounded by crystal clear waters lapping onto a dream beach? You’re in paradise.

A selection of companies that offer boat trips:

A l'abordage BBQ Donuts Boat



Close your eyes and imagine yourself in Martinique. Your feet are in the water. You have a tropical cocktail in your hand. You’re with friends enjoying eating some delicious food that looks absolutely mouth-watering.

Then let yourself be tempted by the promise of a healthy colorful voyage that honors local Martinique flavors.

A few places your taste buds will enjoy:

Brunch O Peyi Kalina Events Catering



Maybe you want a festive experience among the Southern Caribbean beaches of Anses d’Arlet or something a bit calmer in the Northern Caribbean at the Anse Marigot view point at Carbet. 

Whichever you choose, watching the sun go down with some friends in Martinique, means letting yourself be carried away by the beat of percussions while enjoying your local coconut sorbet, enjoying a simple moment that will be one of your best vacation memories forever.


These cliffs are so beautiful… It’s amazing how clear this water is! You can even see hosts of tropical fish!

With Step Paddle you’re sure to have a different adventure and you won't be disappointed! It’s pretty crazy to be able to walk on water, right?

Starting out from the Grande Anse d'Arlet, you have the choice of several circuits lasting 30- to 90-minutes. Don’t forget your mask and snorkel, you’ll probably have the chance to see some sea turtles!

Get going with CaminAgua Step paddle