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Escape to Martinique, on hikes where young and old can enjoy a preserved tropical nature. Explore marked trails for all levels.

We will make you discover (or rediscover) an abundant nature, white sand or volcanic beaches, natural pools, waterfalls, mangroves... So many captivating experiences !


Do you love hiking, breathtaking scenery, climbing to the tops of mountains?

There’ll be a track that suits what you’re looking for in Martinique !


You’re completely won over… by the stunning richness of the Caravelle Penisula Nature Reserve. One of the island’s most beautiful hikes where you come across nature enthusiasts, young hikers and families looking for breathtaking panoramas!

At the Peninsula summit, overlooking the Atlantic ocean, the Lighthouse and its orientation table. Enjoy breathtaking panoramic view points! At the bottom, the mangrove is a true nursery, home to small fish, birds and shellfish that find peace and calm there.

At Château Dubuc facing the sea, ruins combine with stunning view points of the fine Treasure Bay.

The youngest children can join you on this hike which gives you a variety of landscapes from the dry forest to the richness of a mangrove or even the beauty of the beach at Treasure Bay !

Discover La Caravelle  


Baie du Trésor Martinique La Caravelle

Treasure Bay ? It’s a small discreet beach with crystal clear waters and a wide panorama of colors… kids love this site already !

This small corner of paradise is an excellent spot for a well-deserved swim surrounded by ground-hugging vegetation and lots of mangrove trees. Enjoy a stunning view of the Lighthouse from the Bay, which seems stuck to the Peninsula’s summit!

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Look around you at the beach of fine sand, the blue of the Atlantic ocean as far as you can see… all you have to do is admire it…

At 33 kilometers long, the Trace des Caps is one of the longest hikes you can do on the island but it’s also one of the most beautiful. It links Grande-Anse Macabou to the photogenic Anse Caritan.

Your program includes dream beaches as far as the eye can see, each more heavenly than the next. On the ocean side, impressive waves in the sea reveal here and there lagoons born from the coral reef. And on the flora side: coconut palms, mangroves, clusters of sea and almond trees among an astonishing variety of landscapes.

With its wild beaches, dry landscapes—the petrified savannah—and astonishing—the natural “blue eye” pool—The Trace des Caps is a hike full of surprises.


  • It’s not a loop, the start and finish points are not the same.
  • It’s possible to do just part of the path, one beach to another for example, without having to do all of it.


Moving away from the coasts, surrounded by birds or small lizards that find refuge in the humid forests of the North, like real adventure hunters, you are moving about on a sleeping giant… the Mount Pelée volcano.

Everything is lush here and even though you may be tired from this energetic hike, you’ll recharge your batteries when you contemplate how beautiful it is there. You find yourself faced with a huge crater. You’re at the summit of the Caribbean!

Learn more about Mount Pelee


Here’s some useful advice for successful and safe hiking in Martinique!

  • Before going on any hike, check the weather forecast and make sure you have at least one fully charged cell phone with you.
  • Wear good hiking boots.
  • Protect yourself from the sun with a good sun cream, a pair of sunglasses as well as a baseball cap or hat.
  • Stay hydrated by drinking at least 1.5L of water per person per half-day.
  • Night falls fast on the island, check how long it should take to hike a path and adjust the time you set off in accordance.
  • A final point, don't forget the environment: Always bring your trash back with you. Above all think to bring a small trash bag with you because a good hiker doesn’t leave any traces behind and preserves the places they explore as much as possible.