5 unusual ways to discover Martinique

The temperatures are dropping and you’re dreaming of a beach by crystal clear water, sunshine and coconut palms… Martinique has all that and more in store for you, so have a look at the 5 unusual things you can do during your stay in Martinique.


Head up to the extreme north of Martinique and more precisely a small fishing village that looks like it’s at the end of the world that’s called Grand Rivière. There, the major routes of the south give way to particularly Instagramable clifftops. Various tropical trees love the intense, humid vegetation where preserved endemic fauna thrives.

This is the almost unreal setting in which you’ll board your traditional fishing boat to go to the mysterious beach of volcanic sand at Anse Couleuvre, a paradise if you love snorkeling.

This activity is one you’ll love, where you’ll discover the bays of black sand that are totally free of all human presence, tucked away between huge craggy cliffs, and the fabulous myths about them.

Crossing duration: 15 to 20min (one way). Departure possible from Grand Rivière or from the Anse Couleuvre beach.

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Feel those vibrations, the adrenaline! You’re at the heart of Martinique’s tropical forest surrounded by dense and preserved vegetation, about to rappel down a waterfall that’s almost 20 meters high!

Martinique is the perfect place to go canyoning, thanks to its canyons in the north of the island that are more or less easy to get to on the volcanic massifs of Mount Pelée and the Carbet mountains. Beginners and more experienced athletes can explore the riches of Martinique’s tropical nature by following its canyons, crossing rivers and diving into pools of cool water!

Trying canyoning in Martinique means you’ll take home the memory of a fun, sporty and unusual experience that can be done from the age of 10.

Go canyoning in complete safety with:

Bureau de la randonnée et du canyoning Tropicanyon



It’s the number one activity to do at the moment, the seabob is an excellent way to have fun and explore the seabed!

Like a dolphin, move about with exemplary fluidity both on the water and underwater and marvel at how rich the colorful underwater fauna around Grande Anse d'Arlet is. This exceptional activity can be done from age 8 and is one where you can be sure to come across turtles and hosts of multicolored fish!

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Caribbean yachting 


After having walked on water why not try walking underwater? You’re on vacation in Martinique after all and it’s just the experience you can have during an unforgettable dive in a diving suit in the warm waters of the Caribbean Sea!

You don't need to know how to swim, because with this activity, thanks to the diving suit you can breathe like you do on land while enjoying coming face to face with dozens of fish.

Dive in a diving suit with:

Under sea walking 


You’re there! The sun, blue sky… you’re comfortably installed in your little plane, ready to take off…

Each plane flight is a new way of seeing things. You get a light thrill, a feeling of freedom, the Martinique scenery magnified by the unique limitless sky. A must.

Suggestions of sites to see from the sky:

On the Atlantic, let the infinite shades of blue in Robert and François bays dazzle you. More to the north, marvel at the palette of exceptional colors in the Caravelle nature reserve, until further to the south, you reach the incredible white sand beaches of the Trace des Caps hike and the famous Salines beach which give you postcard scenery!

Enjoy a stunning view of the town of Diamant on the Caribbean coast to the south, and its Grande Anse, Morne Larcher and jewel, Diamond rock. It’s the perfect circuit along with flying over the Anses d'Arlets and their charming colored bays! A more intense experience awaits you to the north between the dizzying peaks of the Carbet mountains, the black sand beaches of the town of Saint-Pierre and captivating relief of our majestic sleeping Volcano.


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Sheltered in the mangrove, soothed by the light breeze and surrounded by the never-ending shades of blue from the coral reef, let the beauty of Martinique aquatic fauna and flora surprise you on board your glass-bottomed canoe.

This eco-friendly activity will get young and old alike dreaming during your stay in Martinique and will definitely be one of the best memories you’ll take home from your vacation!

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