Clément Habitation

Habitation Clément Martinique

CLEMENT HABITATION is an XVIIIth century mansion classified as an historical monument and furnished with the company of the Indies style.  The meeting at the Summit between Presidents Bush and Mitterrand took place in March 1991 in this estate.

More than 300 tropical species are listed in the 17-hectare botanical park, including a large “rameau bicentenaire", unique to Martinique.

The distillery and cellars contain 1.5 million liters of rum in the process of ageing and offer permanent exhibitions:

  • "Discovering the Americas", with models of Christopher Columbus’ schooners.
  • The transport of rum to Martinique at the beginning of the twentieth century
  • "Making Rum" with a collection of art photos.

In recent years, visiting the Clement Habitation is also an opportunity to meet the CLEMENT Foundation, which works for the arts and cultural heritage of the Caribbean and the Indian Ocean. It also manages important documentary collections bringing together private archives, a library on the history of the Caribbean and iconographic funds.

  • Domaine de l’Acajou – 97240 Le François
  • t: +(596) 596 54 62 07
  • Daily from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm (closed in September)

This company adhered to the quality approach set up by the CCIM and obtained the label « Martinique Sourire Soleil ».
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