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The signature sounds of the Island

Martinique Caribbean Vibes

A musical experience of the island’s most vibrant genres

Since November 19, 2020 “Martinique Caribbean Vibes,” the Martinique Magnifique Spotify playlist showcases 80 songs of the island’s traditional and contemporary music, offering listeners over 6 hours of the best that the French Caribbean Island has to offer.


One of a kind martinican Groups & Artists

Playlist Spotify Martinique

Creme de la creme

The playlist features groups and artists such as Malavoi, Jocelyne Béroard—female lead singer of Kassav, Ralph Thamar as well as the new generation of Martinican dancehall, rappers and hip-hop artists such as Kalash, Paille, Tiitof and Meryl—who was nominated in the “Best International Flow category” in this year’s BET Hip-Hop Awards.

Martinique Caribbean Vibes Spotify playlist will showcase the variety of the Island’s musical genres. It includes styles like the oldest Creole music and dance forms of the French West Indies such as Bèlè, Chouval Bwa and Biguine. Zouk music.

Zouk was created and popularized by the group Kassav and its lead female singer Jocelyne Béroard, characterized by a fast tempo, percussion and horn driven rhythm and form. The playlist also features Dancehall music, an upbeat variation of Reggae, embraced by Martinican artists and other local musicians inspired by soul, pop and jazz music.

Unique musical genres

Music is deeply rooted in Martinique’s culture an expression of freedom during the time of slavery on the plantations or to lighten collective work in the fields, known as lassotè; music has always been ingrained in the daily life of the people of Martinique.

As time goes by, musical styles have evolved through the generations. These unique and distinctive musical genres reflect the island’s cultural and historic mix of African, European and Caribbean influences.

Let’s discover Martinique in Music !

Martinique playlist spotify partez en musique en Martinique

The Martinique Caribbean Vibes has been created in conjunction with a local campaign Partez en Musique en Martinique (aka Let’s discover Martinique in Music), to support local artists, restaurants and hotels which have been impacted during this pandemic. The concept was to invite the local population and its visitors to musical events respecting all sanitary measures, performed by local artists, all around the island.

Going forward, Martinique Magnifique Spotify channel will offer additional playlists following the island’s calendar of events and most notably favorite songs from Martinican and international celebrities like top model Mélodie Monrose, the island Tourism Ambassador.

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