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The United States is categorized for the French West Indies and mainland France as a “Orange country. *”

Vaccinated travellers should present the negative result of a virological biological screening test (PCR test) of less than 72 hours or an antigenic test less than 48 hours before boarding.


Non-vaccinated travellers have to provide the result of a negative PCR or antigen test carried out less than 24 hours prior to departure.

If you are vaccinated :


You are not subject to any quarantine measures.
You will be asked for proof of vaccination:
Proof will only be valid if it indicates that you are fully vaccinated, i.e.:
Two weeks after the second shot for two-shot vaccines (Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca);
Four weeks after the shot for one-shot vaccines (Johnson & Johnson);
Two weeks after the shot for vaccines administered to people who have already had COVID-19 (only one dose is necessary).
Only vaccines authorized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) will be accepted, i.e. Pfizer (Comirnaty), Moderna, AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria) and Johnson & Johnson (Janssen).


If you are not vaccinated:

Need to self-quarantine for 7 days.
Fill out a sworn statement from the French Interior Ministry

In the absence of proof of vaccination status, travel is only authorized if it is based on an overriding personal or family reason, an emergency health reason or a professional reason that cannot be postponed. Travellers must bring documents to justify the reason for their trip and a sworn statement attesting to:

·       Their acceptance to a possible screening test or examination to be carried out on their arrival in the national territory.

·       Their agreement to an isolation of 7 days after their arrival and to carry out, at the end of this period, a new biological examination of virological screening

Unvaccinated minors do not have to present a vaccination certificate or self-isolate, if they are accompanying one or more vaccinated adults.

These requirements will not apply to:
Trips by residents of cross-border areas (border within a 30 km radius of your residence, and for a duration of less than 24 hours).



Foreign vaccination certificate


The Ministry of Solidarity and Health (MSS) confirms that the new conditions of validity of the health pass for people over 65 (linked to the 3rd dose) also apply to foreigners over 65. This point is valid for access to activities subject to the pass on national territory, but not in the case of the border pass.

In the event that a booster dose cannot be obtained, foreigners will be able to be tested and obtain a negative test certificate (for a fee).

How to convert a foreign vaccination certificate into a French Covid pass?

Open to non-European foreigners (subject to change)

Visit this website for more details.

In the USA, you must be:

  • 18 or older
  • Vaccinated for 4 weeks with one dose Johnson & Johnson
  • 7 days after the 2nd injection of a 2 doses (for example Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca)
  • More than 7 days after the injection if you have recovered from COVID-19 (in this case, only one injection is needed)


Before Travelling back to the United States

Before Traveling back to the United States

Testing – ALL Travelers



Before boarding a flight to the United States, you are required to show a negative COVID-19 test result taken no more than 1 day before travel.

Children under 2 years old do not need to test. There is also an option for people who have documented recovery from COVID-19 in the past 90 days. Learn more about these requirements.


After arrival in the United States
ALL Travelers