To the south of Martinique, on the Atlantic coast, François Bay is sewn with eight islets, some of which bear evocative names such as Fregate islet and Lapin islet.


In the midst of these small pieces of paradise are several shoals reachable by boat, known as the "white shoals" because of the brilliant sand that allows swimmers to walk in scarcely one meter of water, even though they are actually several hundred meters from the shore.

The most famous of these shoals is most certainly Josephine's Bath, so named because legend has it that it was the favorite swimming spot of French empress Joséphine de Beauharnais. It matters not that the empress was originally from Trois-Ilets, on the other side of Martinique and that it is therefore highly unlikely that she crossed the island every day to enjoy the waters in this exact location- Jospehine's Bath nonetheless remains an absolutely extraordinary site. 

In the tepid water, swimmers emerge, immersed up to the waist, between sky and sea. Several types of outings and experiences, including rum baptism, lunch on an islet, exploration of the surrounding mangroves or boating activities allow everyone a taste of this unique experience.