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Surfing in Martinique offers you the chance to indulge your passion against some of the most picturesque natural backdrops imaginable. Dawn and dusk are opportunities not to be missed whether you are riding your board or watching others whilst relaxing.

The surf spots in Martinique are predominantly to the north along the Atlantic Coast where as the Caribbean Coast generally lacks the swells. There are approximately 14 recommanded spots.

The most well-known and frequented is Anse Bonneville (plage des surfeurs) on the Caravelle Peninsula. If you are lucky enough to be near Anse Couleuvre (northern tip of the Caribbean coast) at just the right moment it’s possible to surf some of the best waves on the island: a strong, fast tubular right of up to 3 meters with shallow bed.

Those who seek maximum thrills are urged to try the long waves that form a point break at the entrance to the Basse Pointe port flanked by high cliffs. As you can see it’s impossible to be bored if you come with your board in Martinique.

  • Basse Pointe, le Chaudron • 1
  • Tartane, Anse Bonneville • 2
  • Ste Marie, Anse Charpentier • 3
  • Prêcheur, Anse Tomate • 4
  • Prêcheur, Anse Couleuvre • 5
  • Diamant, Banzaï • 6
  • Ste Anne, Sacrifice • 7